Tranquil Garden Tea Room | An Oasis of Tranquil Tea For This Busy World
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Tranquil Garden
Tea Room

We serve: Afternoon Tea, High Tea Suppers and a la carte. We also
serve BREAKFAST/BRUNCH, on the Weekends, beginning at 10:30 am

Perfect Cup Of Coffee

We serve freshly brewed tea and coffee, soft drinks and a section of
light meals and tasty treats and snacks.


Light-filled, beautiful and serene space.  Come and visit our Oasis.  We are also committed to service — we want you to feel like the welcome guest that you are.

Perfect Tea

Far far away, behind word mountains,   far from the tops.

Healthy Juices

Far far away, behind word mountains,   far from the tops.

Small Meals

Our menu options have been deemed “yummy” “delicious” “tasty” and “delightful” by satisfied patrons.  We also want you to feel unhurried and satisfied.

Tranquil Garden Tea Room 706 LaReine Ave, Ground Floor, Bradley Beach, NJ offers the finest and most delicious tea and treats in the industry.


HOURS: 11:30 am to 6:00 pm | Saturdays: 11:30 am to 10:00 pm | CLOSED: Tuesdays & Wednesdays Tel: (732) 308-8159 We want you to feel like the welcomed guest you are while at Tranquil Garden Tea Room. We are committed to service which is why at Tranquil Garden Tea Room you will feel unhurried and satisfied. We welcome all singles, doubles, and groups! Reservations are necessary, especially for high tea and special event tea. Our unique tea room as indoor seating and we offer whimsical and delicious food.


The beauty of running a tea room, is the creativity you can employ with developing a menu. Instead of having fixed daily offerings, most tea room owners design their daily menus to offer fresh selections, stimulated by their imagination, with a rotation of choices that are proven customer favorites.


We are no different at Tranquil Garden Tea Room. We thrive in creating and combining usual and unusual menu items. We pride ourselves in using tasty, low salt ingredients and delicious herbs and spices. We also offer NON-GLUTEN, VEGETARIAN and NON-DAIRY alternatives to our customers.


Because our menu changes so frequently, we prefer to hand write our selections each day, with menus printed up for special occasions only.

Customer Testominals